Strange relation between gut bacteria and mental health

You know that there are billions of bacteria both healthy and unhealthy reside in our digestive tract. Some of them are good for you but some of them are Related to some mental and physical conditions.

Scientists have found some major breakthrough that reveals that the bacteria in your gut are probably related to mental health in some way. Although there are unable to explain exactly how this works. It Was found that some bacteria are causing depression in patients In a peculiar way.

In a journal called Clinical Psychology, a review of 26 studies was done that indicate the relationship between gut health and depression.

It is said to believe that some bacterias promote inflammation causing depression in some patients, It is seen in research that some combination of gut bacteria cause major inflammation in the abdomen which is related to some mental conditions.

How to use good bacteria to improve your mental health?

It is seen in research that if you take a healthy diet like vegetables, fruits, and fresh unprocessed natural food then there is a high chance that your body has enough good microbiomes which are healthy. 

 which leads to a surplus of healthy bacteria Pool in your gut. Which in turn will lead to more healthy mental state and less chance of any chronic depression.

So Start eating healthy and your gut will thank you someday. 

What are good bacteria or probiotics?? 

Before we dive deep into this topic you should have a clear understanding of what are good bacteria or what we call probiotics in our day-to-day life. 

Some of you probably think that bacterias are always bad. which is not true obviously, some as are very healthy and they live inside your abdomen. there are billions Of bacteria that live inside your abdomen and which will help to digest your food and alter the chemical composition inside your body.

These healthy bacteria are called probiotics. eggs contain some good probiotics. Probiotics are seen to balance good bacteria and bad bacteria inside the body.

 when you take antibiotics your body seems to lose good bacteria. But when you take probiotics your body will balance those bad with good bacteria. In turn your body remains healthy. 

Some common food where probiotics are found?

Probiotics are found in milk, eggs, yogurt, and dairy products mainly. there are many types of probiotics but to make it simpler we will divide them into mainly simple terms.

Some of the common types of probiotic organisms are lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.

Can probiotics Be useful in treating some diseases?

You would be surprised to know that there are some diseases that are treated by externally giving probiotics inside the human body,

The most common diseases which are treated by probiotics are irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, and inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD,  also there is some diarrhea that is linked to the loss of probiotics which are treated by external probiotics. 

Probiotics are also seen To cure some skin conditions and Oral conditions also. 

Probiotics and treatment of depression?

Scientists are conducting various research to find a correlation between gut health or healthy bacteria and mental depression. this is going to be a game changer if they are successful in finding out the exact probiotics and prebiotics which could be used to treat the patients of anxiety and depression.

Although it is important to note that this thing will take time to implement and are not yet fully proven so take caution before taking any treatment. They are still in the realm of theory so move with caution. It will probably take some time To implement this kind of treatment in day-to-day practice. 

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