Today I am sharing only a few rubrics ( Ist rubric – Debauchery, after a, agg, ) Dr.C.M.Boger ‘ s BOENNINGHAUSEN’ S CHARACTERISTICS AND REPERTORY which must be worked out along with other after a thorough study of pathogenesis, progress and impact of present Pandemic COVID 19 which is well-known from various studies in home and abroad about its considerable variation in disease behavior showing lymphocytic endolithiitis & diffuse microvascular & macro – vascular thrombo – embolic complications suggest that it is a systemic disease attacking mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, nose, nasopharynx, trachea, lung alveoli, dryness, dry cough, loss of smell, taste; sore throat, malaise, temperature, Mild ; Moderate & Severe ( 15 to 20 ‘/,) Interstitial Pneumonia, Pleuro Pneumonia, signs of sepsis, Collapse, nausea, vomiting & diarrhea and excessive sweating at night in some cases of extrapulmonary types.

Although the recovery rate is improving out of empirical treatment schedule in modern treatment, complications & relapses causing a great concern where Homoeopathy deserve to take up the challenge with its huge well-proved medicines capable of controlling diverse COVID state in a more comprehensive way reported from home and abroad but still neglected by Health Authorities.

So that we will try to apply ourselves in judicious application of the law of similia in each and every case judging the justifiable causes , Physical ; climatic, culture, food habits, addiction, excesses, etc.

Psychical; adverse emotional exposure, anxiety with fear of death, grief,

Homoeopathic Point of View; ( in detail ). Ref. to Organon of Medicine aphorism – 60 & 61 ( suppression ) & apho. 100 to 104 by Samuel Hahnemann. ” Hay fever conditions , which are exceedingly difficult of cure under ordinary treatment , are more easily understood when we remember that they are an expression of syphilis and latent sycosis, very often with a psoric taint. ” By Dr. Herbert Robert . ” In cholera, for example, admitting the existence and presence of the bacilli as one causative factor, we will have to reckon with sanitary, atmospheric, and telluric conditions; with economic and social conditions and habits of life; with means and modes of transportation and intercommunication between individuals and communities; with individual physical, mental and emotional states, etc., all of which are essential factors, in some combination, in determining and modifying the susceptibility of individuals to the bacilli; for without some combination of these factors the bacilli are impotent and the disease will never occur. Each of these factors is a cause at least equal in rank with the bacilli, and any successful method of treatment must be able to meet all the conditions arising from any existing combination of the causes.

The bacilli , therefore , are not the sole cause of the disease but only one possible factor in a group of causes.” ” The Homoeopathic remedy , correctly chosen upon indications afforded by the anamnesis and symptoms of the disease as manifested in the individual and the community, and administered in infinitesimal doses, per Oram, satisfies the morbid susceptibility, supplies the need of the organism and confers a true immunity by promoting health, which is the true object to be gained.” By Dr. Stuart Close.

Now We must plan our strategy considering above quotations to take up the challenge by our application in day to day practices through general study , observations and ensuring individualistic prescription of the different groups affected with the same virus like chicken pox, measles, mumps etc.

We should classify primarily it as follows -.

  1. Pre – COVID State
  2. COVID State
  3. Post – COVID State

Pre – COVID State ;

We must ensure proper nutrition, Yoga and exercises, and proper medication to satisfy morbid susceptibilities arising out of recurrent suppressive treatment preferably by correct Homoeopathic remedy as well as coordination among other branches of our AYUSH protocol. We must not ignore the efficacy of an effective vaccine which is yet to come & prove its safety and security.

COVID State :

. PULMONARY; Mild & Asymptomatic, Moderate & Severe.

Extra – Pulmonary Type; Although Homoeopathy has a record of past & present success in the management of Pandemics like Spanish Flue, Cholera, etc. is still neglected in our home and abroad.

Many brilliant recoveries are reported from home and abroad exclusively by Homoeopathic remedy or, with assistance of modern medicine time to time. Here I am quite optimistic about the prospect of Homoeopathy in the days to come with our determination, coordination, and logical application.

Post – COVID State

We must uphold ourselves with the persistent efforts whenever given chance to prove our efficacy, authenticity and rationality following the guidelines laid down by our Great Master emphasizing the Doctrine of Chronic Miasm, Doctrine of dynamization & Doctrine of Suppression and above all the judicious application of the law of similia.

Debauchery —

Pneumonia: ACO.. Ant-t., ars., bell., BRY.. Can., canth.. cham.. Chin., cof., dul.. Fer-p., hyo.. ign.. ip.. kali-n., lach., Lyc., merc., nux-v.. op., PHO.. pho-ac.. pul., Rhus-t., saba., Scil., seng., sep.. sil.. stan., SUL, ver-a.. VER-V.

asthenic type, (senile): ACO.. ars.. Bell., cham., FER-P., gel., ip., MERC., nux-v., ver-a.

catarrhal: ANT-T.. Ars.. bar-c., cam., carb-v., chin., grap.. Ip.. lach., Op., pul., samb.cerebral type: Aco.. bell., bry.. can.. canth., hyo.. lach.. merc., nux-v.. pho.. pul., rhus-t., stra., sul.

invasion, stage of: ACO., BRY., chin., lach., lyc., Pho., sil., Sul.

prolonged, neglected, etc.: Am-c., ars., aur.. calc-c., hep., kali-c., kali-n., Lach.. LYC., nit-ac., Pho., stan., Sul., sul-ac.

purulent expectoration, with: Bell., chin., dro., dul., fer., Hep., hyo.. Lach., lau., led., Lyc., merc., Pho., pho-ac.. pul., Sul.

second stage, (hepatization): Lach., lyc.. Pho., SUL.

typhoid type: Aco., ARN., ARS., bell.. Bry.. can.. chin., hyo.. ip., lach., merc.. nat-m., nux-v., OP., pho.. pul., Rhus-t.. Stra., sul., VER-A.From B.B.C.R. which should be enriched from other authentic sources.

Blood vessels, swelled: Am-c., arn., bell., CAM..CHIN., Cocl CROC., CYC., Fer.. hyo., mos., PHO-AC., Pul., RAN-S.. Rhus-t., stap.. thu.

Fever during RESPIRATION Breathing, anxious: ACO., Ap., arn., ars. bell., BRY.. cam., cham., cof.. hep., ign., IP.. kali-c.. lach.. Pho.. plat., Pul., thus-t.. samb.. scil., sec-c.. spo., stan., stra.. vio-t.deep: Aur. Bor.. bry., caps., cup.. ip., mur-ac., op., Pho-ac., plat.. sele., sil., stan.

oppressed: ACO.. amb., Anac., ant-t., Ap.. arn., ARS., aur., bell., Bov., bro., BRY., Calc-c., CARB-V., cham.. chin., cocl., cup., dul.. grap., hep.. ign., IP.. kali-c., kali-n., lach., lyc., Merc., mez.. nux-v., op.. pho., plat., pul., ran-b., rho., rhus-t., RUT.. samb., seng., SEP., sil., spi., stan.. sul., thu.. ver-u., VIO-T., zin.

rattling: Aco.. Ars.. carb-v., cham., hep.. ip., lyc., NUX-M., OP., scil., spo., stan.

short: ACO., amb., am-c., Anac., ant-t.. AP., arn., ARS., aur., bell., BRY., Calc-c., Cam., carb-v., caus., chel., chin.. Cina, Cocl., con., cup., Fer., hep.. Ign., ip., Kali-c., lach.. LYC., merc., nat-c., nat-m., nit-ac., nux-m.. nux-v., PHO., pho-ac., plat.. PUL.. rhus-t., RUT., saba., samb., scil.. seng.. Sep.. sil., spi., stan., sul., ZIN.

sighing: Ail., lach.

Now I am glad to share an important link for downloading the small book ” Dr. Borland ‘ s Pneumonia ” which is quite relevant today to cope with the present Pandemic COVID 19 cases developing pneumonia where Homoeopathy deserve to take up the challenge having potentialities of dynamic well proved medicines capable of treating such diverse states through the logical application of the law of similia after a correct case perception, analysis, cross matching emphasizing the key characteristics with modalities, justified etiology, Miasmatic background, and chronological history, dose & potency both individually as well as collectively to ensure better handling of the cases in large numbers seeking our services.Let’s formulate a short Repertory upon important rubrics from different authentic sources to enhance our potentialities in choice of remedy considering the stage, age, sex, co – morbidities, mental general, physical general, as well as pathological conditions .

download – Pneumonia on archive website.

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