BRYONIA ALBA – an overview

Today I am sharing a photocopy of Bryonia Alba from Dr. Boger’s Synoptic Key to strengthen its logical applications considering the mode of onset, stage, state, and susceptibility of the patient. Our objective should be an analytical and comparative study of every medicine from different authentic books for better applications, outcomes, and experience.

CATARRHAL- GASTRO – BILIOUS – RHEUMATIC STATES. First of all it increases the activity of the resorptive apparatus ; that of the secretive function is a consequence. Infiltration in to the cellular tissue, and serous exudation into the serous sacs. It produces no plastic exudations ( as Hepar & Mercury do). Slow onset, 1st & 2 nd stage of acute diseases, having alternating state like Ignatia ( occasionally restlessness or thirstlessnes ) . Dryness, serous & mucous membranes, irritation, stitching pain aggravated by motion, deep breathing ameliorated by absolute rest, support or, lying on painful side.

CAUSATIONS : Anxiety; apprehension about future, morose, dejection of spirits, cross, ill – humoured ameliorated by cool open air, Sedentary lifestyles, over eating, over work, fear of death, chagrin Suppressed sweat, discharges, exanthema or rash ( It helps to restore normal expression which ameliorate generally ). Exposure to dry heat in summer ( Gelsemium ) , dry cold,cold drinks, Alcohol, Acids, Injury to joints, Let’s conclude with the Catarrhal state of the Bryonia Patient. Dizziness, lethargy in a warm room with chilliness , dry cough with pain in chest, sneezing, ameliorated in cool open air , descending cold from above causes with sluggishness aggravated by motion, being talked to, very great irritability as in Nux or, Chamomilla . Acute complaints from anger, controversy leads to sluggishness, state of stupefaction with confusion as if away from home, low type, irrational talks , business about, right sided pluero – pneumonia, rusty sputum , viscid phlegm occasionally, profuse thirst at long interval, constipation without urging, loss of smell and taste, ameliorated lying on painful side. Tongue thickly coated white with dryness, bitter taste, hepatic involvement may be, asthma worse in a warm room.constant disposition to sigh. Ameliorated by perspiration, absolute rest, pressure. Continued, remittent fever with dry burning heat. Pulse full and hard, tense, and quick. necessity to remain in recumbent position. It is although not so deep acting remedy but acute state of all the miasms specially Psoric and Sycotic patient recovered when indicated which must be complemented by indicated deep acting remedy like. Alumina,Natrum Mur, Sulphur, Lycopodium , Sepia, Psorinum. With greetings and best wishes

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