An extended overview of the second prescription


Today we will take up further study since previous post to make us an unprejudiced observer considering some salient points by our Great Master Samuel Hahnemann and Pioneers by quoting.

” Hahnemann throughout his works, takes every opportunity to urge the insufficiency of a pathological theory of the nature of a disease as the basis of treatment.” DR.C. DUNHAM”. THE CHRONIC MIASMS ” by DR.J.H. ALLEN.

” They,in the first place,says Hahnemann, could not exist except in the presence of the chronic miasms – psora, syphilis, sycosis, pseudo psora . That’s all the acute miasms such as la – grippe, malaria, exanthematous fevers, and all infective & contagious diseases can’t bond themselves with the life force independent of the miasms .

There must be a basic miasm already present ” Then again we see that in order to arrest pathological developments, or processes, we must search for the basic miasmatic symptoms in each case, for even after we have dispelled the effects of the acute miasms by the use of our indicated acute remedies, the Psoric or chronic miasmatic process has been forced to set up a stasis or a new central point of elimination for its own pathologic debris. This was, of course unnecessary, and had we carefully taken in to consideration the chronic miasmatic process that was co operative with the acute disease we would not only have arrested the whole process but would have shortened the disease period & sufferings of the patient.”. ” This evolution, Hahnemann has portrayed clearly in Organon section -38 when he says, ” if the disease, which is dissimilar to the old, be more powerful than the latter it will then cause its suppression, until the new disease has either performed its own course, or is cured ( by the indicated remedy) , but then the old or former disease reappeared. In this way the chronic miasms act, one is usually active, and holds the the other in passive.”. ” we must follow not only the law of therapeutics but the metamorphosis of disease, and understand the law governing it. Organon- section-50 ” Even nature herself has no other homoeopathic agents at her command than miasmatic diseases” The more we study diseases and the better we became acquainted with the law of cure, the more frequently we employ the nosodes or diseased substance.

” Most of the Homoeopathic treatment of today like the regular school, is palliative in its nature even with the Single Remedy and the potency. One reason for this, is lack of knowledge of the chronic miasms , that lie behind the morbid phenomena with which we have to deal. Many of us know how to select a remedy, but we do not know how long to wait upon its actions, in other words we do not understand the retrocession of each miasm whether it be syphylis, psora or sycosis . We have yet to learn their secondary and tertiary presentation which is well documented by DR.HERBERT A.ROBERT in The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy.

We see by section -72 that Hahnemann had a clear and extensive knowledge of the chronic miasms . Hahnemannian wrote the Organon after he wrote the chronic disease. ” It is a fearful picture so dramatically drawn out in the first thirty or forty pages of vol. 1 of chronic disease, and Hahnemann meant the lesson for each of us to study carefully. He devoted pages to the history & data of many cases of suppression of chronic and acute miasms , giving the awful consequences & disastrous results of such suppression.

Paragraph -258 of the Organon -” We are to be careful not to entertain a prejudice against these remedies from which we may have experienced some check , because we have made a bad selection; It is here I claim that majority of our failures occur in selecting the true similimum. Thus acknowledge of active miasm that lies behind the malady, assist us in grouping the remedies whether they are anti – Psoric, anti – syphilitic, anti – sycotic or anti – tubercular .

The first selection of the remedy should culminate about the active miasm, the second selection should cover the latent miasm , now disturbed or brought into action to make it active.

” The influence of chronic miasms upon endemic or epidemic diseases is well known to those who are acquainted with the principles governing Homoeopathy.”.

Again Hahnemann says in sec. -249. ” every medicine which in the course of its operations produces New symptoms that do not pertain to the disease to be cured, and that are annoying can’t be considered Homoeopathically chosen.”

” Vaccination causes all the race to be sycotic , and is the father of a multitude of skin diseases such as impetigo, psoriasis,eczema,urticaria, lupus vulgaris etc.,”.

At present we must evolve ourselves by regular study of authentic books and try to apply ourselves logically and judiciously keeping in mind the principles & experiences of our stalwarts in our day to day observations if given the chance by our patients who are restless. crud minded and biased. The concluding part of the topic will be posted later on, but like to share three interesting cases from long past, recent past and present.

Case No. -1). In the year 1980 two years after my internship a female child aged two years brought to my chamber with the acute episode of bronchial asthma which subsided by few fractional doses of Arsenic Alb. -30 but after one month Sulphur -30 / four doses prescribed judging his totality which did not control the recurrent attack . After two months suddenly the clue reminding me that her father was successfully treated for condylomata by Thuja Oc. one year back by me. Then Medorrhinum -1000/ 2 doses miraculously cured that asthmatic condition.

Case No. -2) Mr. Mahadani , aged 31 years, an Assistant Teacher, in a Higher Secondary school nearest to BANKURA town consulted me over phone for his benign thyroid swelling which was tested by theC.M.C.H., Vellore , paid Rupees 10000/ for advised surgery six months later in 2013 . He interacted over phone after thorough study of his documents sent to me by speed post while I was posted in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal along with the record of his Homoeopathic treatment under Dr. Goutam Dutta , my associate while posted in BANKURA, who treated for one year with Calcarea Carb 0 /3 to 0/7 then Sepia 0/3 to 0/ 8 which failed to overcome his thyroid swelling which compelled him to go to Vellore seeking my intervention in a stipulated time of six months. I confirmed to prescribe Natrum Carb. 200/ 4 doses, one dose daily bi – weekly judging his intolerance to milk causes periodical diarrhoea, sour, acidity, both sensitive to heat and cold with history of suppressed herpetic eruptions in groin in summer. What a miracle ! The thyroid swelling reduced to half with better feeling of his easy tiredness on sweating & generally . After two months he was prescribed Natrum Carb – 1000/ 3 fractional doses which completely restored his previous state and refunded his advanced payment of Rs. 10000/ by CMCH, Vellore. He is now in my contact & quite well till now as I shifted to BANKURA after my retirement in the year 2017.

Case No. – 3) Mr. Patra , Head Master of the same school,aged 59 years contacted me over phone for his chronic hoarseness of voice in the month of March, 2019 under treatment of a Homoeopathic Medical officer, His friend after E.N.T.consultation, diagnosed as engorged vocal chord advised voice rest who prescribed Thuja Oc – 10 M at second time since fifteen days back. So that I advised him to stop all medicines and consult me at Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama’ s Charitable Dispensary, BANKURA if necessary after two weeks. He attended our Charitable Dispensary and found that he is quite healthy, habitual singer, fond of spicy dishes, night watching,thirstlessness, Chilly with air hunger, profuse sweat all over body even scalp, craving for sweet, salty things, creative, writing new songs, emotional which confirmed his Psoric constitution led to prescribe Carbo Veg -200/ 4 doses to be taken one dose daily biweekly.What a dramatic result ! He felt well in all respect and even posted his recorded song in a function to me. That’s all today.Have a great day of days !

With regards greetings and best wishes.

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