Study and Application of Dulcamara

Let’s concentrate on the study of our well proved Dulcamara introduced by our Great Master Samuel Hahnemann which is although an Anti – Psoric but frequent use in the 1 st & 2 nd stage of acute diseases where a unique totality comprising etiology, characteristics symptoms and modalities as shown in the photocopy of authentic Key Note by Dr. C.M.Boger . Let’s form a habit of regular study of other authentic Key Note by Dr. H. C. Allen, Dr. Adolph Von Lippe to have a correct choice in the beginning which may be confirmed by comparative study of some authentic books like Dr. William Boericke , Dr. J.T. Kent, Dr. ( Mrs.) M. L. Tyler & Dr. John Henry Clarke’ s Dictionary as per my choice. Dr. Tyler represents every drug in different dimensions from leading authorities of her time which must impress our aspirations for better perception, applications and evaluation. But it is quite beneficial for a thorough reader where Dr. Boger ‘ synopsis is quite outstanding to unlock the remedy at a glance highlighting the essence of every medicine which is elaborated & amplified by Dr. S. R. Phatak successfully. Every word of Dr. Boger & Dr. Allen is meaningful to a critical study where a coordination among the characteristics with modalities will certainly guide in various modern diseases.

Excessive secretion of mucus. Catarrhal – rheumatic – herpetic tendency.

Next day I shall try to explain catarrhal state, rheumatic state , herpetic state from the unique causes as shown in photocopy in the so called different modern diseases with comparison with other similar medicines like Merc. Sol, Rhus Tox , Calcarea Carb, Phosphorus, Tuberculinum etc. Our objective is to explore ourselves in correct choice from different drugs having similar symptoms complex logically, scientifically & judiciously.

Today we will proceed further with the Catarrhal state as it signify the predisposition,infection & complications in a peculiar manner in each & every case where injudicious use of Paracetamol,Antibiotics,Steroids raising the challenges to take up with our rich well proved medicines and authentic books proving our efficacy,superiority & legacy not only to combat the acute phase but also to prevent,protect and ensure a bright health prospects avoiding hydra headed complications from the suppressive mode of treatment by modern medication.

So that we are committed to evolve ourselves in the present scenario of impatience,crud drugging,polypharmacy,multi speciality, too much dependency on pathological investigation neglecting art of the treatment by our sincere applications following the fundamental principles laid down by our Great Master to explore ourselves in framing a true case synopsis,recording, cross matching and correct prescribing emphasizing the prior imbalance in dynamic state before pathological state.

Now we will elaborate on the pathogenesis of DULCAMARA which acts upon the mucous membranes of the alimentary canal & of the urinary bladder producing copious discharges without evidence of decomposition and upon the lymphatic system producing glandular enlargement in the cervical,submaxillary & inguinal regions causes general swelling of the limbs ,& puffiness of the face, anasarca after ague, rheumatism or scarlet fever. Acts on the muscular systems producing paralysis or a paralyzed sensation in the tongue and in the back & extremities causing a rheumatic diathesis With offensive sweat and urine due to the effects of exposure to cold, damp air.

Pain drawing & sticking in the tissues aggravated at night and rest & ameliorated by motion.

Convulsions and spasmodic affection of the muscular systems first of the facial muscles then of the whole body. Great lassitude & feeling of fatigue, heaviness in every limb compelling to sit & lie.

I would request all of you to concentrate on a deeper study from patients and authentic books to explore ourselves in further dimensions and promising prospects of Dulcamara not only in the management of acute diseases but also in chronic diseases like Scrofula, glandular T.B., Pneumonia,hydrothorax, Rheumatic pleuritis ,bronchitis etc.

That’s all today, In the concluding episode, we will try to understand the herpetic state with a comparative study of Catarrhal Fever remedies of the monsoon. Have a pleasant, promising & memorable day


Today we will conclude the study of Dulcamara after summarizing the key totality – Catarrhal state leads to infection in eyes, throat, bladder,bowels or respiratory system from catching cold in sudden change of temperature either climatic or air conditioning, damp cold air causing excessive mucous secretion which tends to be suppressed by exposure ( discharges, sweat, urine, acute eruptions) causes dropsical affection, paralyzing tongue, affecting the muscles of neck, loins with numbness, tiredness & heaviness aggravated at evening, night, cold exposure ameliorated by continued motion without evidence of decomposition ( opposite – arsenic, rhus tox, China, baptisia, phosphorus, mercury ) . These characterizes the rheumatic state. Then the herpetic state leads to acute eruptions like Pemphigus which is vesicular,large as a pea containing yellow, translucent fluid on a red inflammed base covering whole body except face. Tinea capitis , Crusta lactea , Tetter oozing a watery fluid bleed after scratching. Eczema impetiginous of scrofulous children with cervical glands. Urticaria over whole body without fever or, aggravated in warmth ameliorated in cold open air with gastric fever. Lichen on knee, old, obstinate size of a dollar for a long time. Warts fleshy, large, smooth on face, dorsum of hand. Catarrhal Fever – caused by exposure, living in damp room, rainy, changeable weather. Dry burning heat all over with delirium without thirst may be alternating with chilliness With thirst. Fluent coryza with snuffed at open air but cough aggravated lying down, from warmth of room, deep inspiration ameliorated in open air ( opposite – Rhus Tox, ,Hepar ) cough also dry, barking or loose . Sputum mucoid, white , bloody after measles. Gastric fever from taking cold, clean tongue, cutting pain about navel before stool which is changeable, sour with retraction and burning in epigastric region with thirst. That’s all today. Let’s try to collect the authentic book on Fever for ready reference like. Dr. H. C. Allen ‘ s ” THE THERAPEUTICS OF FEVERS BOENNINGHAUSEN’ S CHARACTERISTICS AND REPERTORY , DR. J.T. KENT’ S REPERTORY. Next day I will try to present how to deal with the fever cases with some interesting, comprehensive planning to ensure success with case reports. There is a proverb that if a physician can deal with the fever as well as Catarrhal state successfully must be called a good doctor. Have a nice, promising & memorable day.

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