The Application Of Homoeopathic Remedies To Cancer Cases

Today I am glad to share with you an important article on ” The Application Of Homoeopathic Remedies To Cancer Cases ” by Dr. A. H. Grimmer, M.D. again for better reading, learning and applications in the days to come to promote Universal Homoeopathy acceptable to all by judicious application of the law of similia keeping in mind the warnings of our Great Master Samuel Hahnemann through presentation of evidence based cured cancer cases.

— DR. Nirmal Kumar Maity


In applying homeopathic remedies to cancer cases, we pro ceed along the usual lines taught by Hahnemann and his loyal followers, as far as we can; here, as in every case of chronic dis ease, we must stress the necessity for the fullest and most com plete personal and family history, it is possible to obtain. From the birth hour on through infancy, childhood and maturity, to the time of taking the case, every change and disturbance, men tal, moral and physical, in sequence, should be recorded, to gether with the diseases contracted along the way, and remedial measures employed for the same. When the pathologic change known as cancer develops and grows with symptoms that are commonly the result of such change, we have little to guide us for the selection of the homoeopathic remedy from a strictly sympto matic viewpoint.Clinical use and observation by many faithful and able fol lowers of the homeopathic law over a long period of time have given us a comparatively small list of remedies, the nature and symptomatology of which correspond to cancer in all its evolu tionary processes in the organism, beginning with the moral and mental disturbances of the mind sphere, involving various and at times seemingly contradictory symptoms and states, at other times alternating conditions, and finally under some unusual stress or some physical or chemical injury there is presented the symp tom picture, recognized as cancer. The majority of the remedies listed that have proved curative in cancer will fall into the group, observed by Hahnemann and others, which had, in their nature the three miasms or chronic diseases held by homoeopaths as fundamentally constitutional sick producing causes. And the re maining minority so listed may well be assumed to have, after more mature observation these three miasms, psora, syphilis and sycosis, blended in their symptomatology.Following is the list of proven cancer remedies, the symp tomatology of which has been confirmed by curative action. ThisRead at the I. H. A., Bureau of Clinical Medicine, June 1930

list is gathered from a search of the repertory, through the vari ous parts of the body including those of the skin (epithelioma) Under the uterine group the greatest number is found. From this fact we may observe that these tissues are subject to a large num ber of different irritations and conditions or that they are more sensitive and susceptible to the cancer toxin: Acet, ac., Alumen, Alumina, Ambr., Apis, ARS., Ars. iod., Aster., Aur, Aur ars., Bel. per., Bism., BROM., Bufo, Cad. cyanide, Cad fluor Cad. iod, CAD. MET., Cad. nit., Cad. phos., Cad. sil., Cad. sulph, Calc., Calc. ars., Cale. fluor., Calc. sulph., Calendula, Carb. ac., CARB. AN., Carb. hyd., Carb. sulph., Carb. veg., Caust, Cist., Clem., Cob., coN., Crot. hor., Cupr., Dulc., Elaps, Graph Hepar, HYDR., Kali ars., Kali bich., Kali cyn., Kali iod., Kali mur., Kali nit., Kali sulph., Kreos, Lac ac., Lach., Lap. alb., tv Merc., Merc. i fl., Nat. mur., Nat: sil. fluor., NIT. AC., Olig., PHOS., Phos. ac., Phyt., Rad, brom., Ruta, Sep., Sil., Sulph., Sul. ac., Thuj., Tox., X-ray, Zinc.Of the seventy-five remedies listed in the cancer group. forty five are of high grade value, the others are of inferior value and less frequently indicated and used. There is a small group of reme dies which corresponds to conditions arising from trauma and ir ritations of various kinds and is highly valuable in the cancer state. Remembering that disease gets well in the inverse order of the appearance of its symptoms, we may well understand why a breast cancer, whose immediate and last manifestation of cell growth follows an injury, would readily yield homeopathically to such remedies as Bellis per., coN., or Phyt. Also how easy it is for us to perceive the potent possibility of preventing any cancer change, even starting after injury, with a potency of Arnica. Ir ritations and injuries occur in other parts of the body, such as those in the gastro-intestinal tract, faulty foods, indiscre tions in eating, adulterated foc from irritations produced by chlorine in the drinking water, and aluminum poisoning com ing from the use of aluminum cooking utensils and from alumi num plates in the mouth, sometimes used by dentists. Such irri tations as these will find the best antidotal remedy among some of the Cadmiums but also the irritating causes must be removed with the administration of the curative remedy to make the cure

certain and permanent. In irritations, such as lip cancer occurring in smokers from the combined pressure and heat of the pipe, Sepia will frequently cure providing the irritation is discontinued. The remedies of this smaller group are likewise contained inthe general group of cancer remedies. They are Alumina, Arnica, Ars., Bellis per., Brom., Cad., Caust., Con., Graph., Hydr., Kali bich., Kali cyn., Kali iod., Kali sulph., Lach., Lyc., Merc, viv., Nit. ac.. Phos., Phyt., Ruta, Sab. par., Sepia, Sil., Sulph., Thuja, and Tox.A careful study and wide knowledge of these twenty-nine remedies will reward the industrious physician with a harvest of cure in cancer conditions undreamed of without such complete knowledge.Other irritations than those mentioned above arise from the wide use of the coal-tar preparations, now flooding the public in ever increasing variety and given for so many complaints, head aches, rheumatic pains, acute colds, grippe, fever reducers and sleeping potions. We are bombarded by these cardiac depres sants. Is it any wonder that heart and kidney disease lead the list of death causing diseases, with cancer soon a ‘close second. Against these irritants our carbons and snake poisons furnish the best antidotes.Perhaps the most irritating of all the irritants and depres sants is produced by the almost universal applications of serums and vaccines, given for the prevention and cure of acute infec tious diseases. These subtle poisons are very far reaching and deep in their effects and our best antidotes can only be found in Thuja and several of the specific nosodes, such as Diphtherinum and Pyrogen, together with the snake poisons. Is it not possible, that the persistent and frequent injections of these biproducts of disease, shot directly into the blood stream, especially in the young children where conditions in the body organism for nat ural defense against these toxines, cannot obtain, that a weaken ing of the recticulo-endothelial system is produced, thus reduc ing the reacting power of the body against cancer and kindred chronic diseases. This recticulo-endothelial system is said by biolo gists to manufacture and contain all the defensive forces of the organism. And may this not answer the observed fact why cancer is occurring in younger subjects of each succeeding gener tion. And of what avail is it to try to prevent some natural es pression of acute disease that may never come, if there is in volved in the immunizing process a weakening of the defensive mechanism of the body against chronic manifestations of disease like cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and mental and physical weaknesses of various sorts. Add to all this, the wholesale destruction of children’s tonsils, one of the most important defense units in the organism, which lessens still more the chain of body resistance, and we have a gloomy outlook for the health and well being of the future, How much longer can the human race stand the strain of serum poison and crude drugs and their resultant suppressions, grafted on the ever increasing miasmatic causes of disease? Only homeopathy can retard the deep decay and frightful devastation gnawing at the vital centers of the human race. One other benefit is presented in the vast numbers, who have repudi ated all medicine and have taken up with the so-called cults for relief against sickness. The cults at least give nature a chance to work unhampered by animal toxins and crude poisons in the form of irritating and enervating drugs. The pendulum has swung from the crude and clumsy attempts of the allopaths to overwhelm disease by substitution, the implanting of a drug or serum dis ease in place of the natural one, and by suppression, the masking of external symptoms and the numbing of sensibilities to pain without in any way relieving the internal cause of illness, to those who at least have intelligence enough to know that nature has provided wonderful means of defense against sickness. However in the field of chronic inherited disease, nature alone is often unable to cure. This is the realm of homoeopathy and vast num bers of the more intelligent cultists must necessarily swing back to her for relief of those sicknesses that are the outgrowth of the chronic miasmata.There is another pernicious form of irritation that is making many cancers and that is the practice advocated by most of thos looked up to as authority on the treatment of cancer, to employ large doses of either X-ray or radium on every mole, wart, or small ulcer, or blemish appearing on the skin. This procedure either irritates and burns the local parts because of over dosing,THE APPLICATION OF HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES setting up necrosis of surrounding cells, which results in a rapid793spreading of the sore and often turns a benign and harmless growth of small dimensions into a rapidly destructive malignant cancer, or, if the dose is lighter, the sore or mole or wart may be destroyed and apparently healed with an unsightly scar remain ing. If the later result is obtained that patient will inevitably develop in the course of a few months or years, according to his constitutional soil inheritance, a cancer in some of his vital or gans. We have few remedies that can antidote this kind of mis chief, because the capillaries are obliterated by those destructive agents. Cad. iod., Fluor. ac. and Phos. are the only three remedies I have found helpful in such cases; X-ray and Radium preparations in potencies may be found useful in some cases after fur ther study and trial. For the anæmia and cachexia that often follows radium abuse, Phos. is the best antidote. For the ulcerating areas of necrosis that seemingly defy all healing agents, Cad. iod. is the only remedy I have ever known to help. For the X-ray burn Fluor. ac. is the remedy that yields the best clinical results..Industries of a certain type predispose workers to cancer, preferring special parts or organs, as shown in the cobalt miner’s tendency to cancer of the lungs. The workers in aniline dyes ate more often affected by vesical cancer. These observations may suggest the proving and trial of these substances in potency as possible remedies for the disease localized in the parts that co balt and the aniline dyes each affect. No paper on the treatment of cancer, even though it be strictly remedial, would adequately impart the necessary knowledge for the most successful results without a complementary diet as an adjunct to the prescribing. And the diet, like the remedy, should be selected for the individual patient, noting susceptibilities and reactions after food selection, with as much concern and interest as is shown by the skilled prescriber of the homeopathic remedy. Also foods compatible with the nature of the indicated remedy should be used. The chemistry of food and its relation to the blood chemistry of the patient is a mighty aid or a great hindrance to the action of the curative remedy, depending upon the degree of intelligence shown in food selection. There is a great need of more experimental work in the chemistry of food.

in its relation to cancer. So far this work is largely empirical a far from scientific: the only near unified opinion being the base ful effects of a meat diet, at least in advanced cases of disease other proteins may be carefully admitted only varying in amo with individual cases.The mental or psychic phase of cancer must not be ignored if our best success is obtained. The terror, and hopelessness, c cerning the incurability of cancer prevailing today in the ranks of alleeopathy has made the problem more difficult. The public is told by these bombastic sons of egotism that there is no cute be cause they have failed to find it. Anyone claiming to cure cancer is branded by them with their favorite anathema, quack. An one having the temerity to criticize their methods of surgery and radiation with the attendant mutilation and torture and the high death rate occurring in a shorter period than occurs to those un touched by them and left unhampered to nature, is not only a quack but a public menace. It is claimed by competent observers that ninety per cent of those operated and treated for cancer after the approved methods of the up to date modern medical scientist are dead after two years.From its incipiency, homeopathy has always inspired bope and courage in its practitioners and patients alike, because they are taught the advantage of working in harmony with the laws of nature, of which the therapeutic law of similars is but one. Be cause of these facts homeopaths are better equipped to combat this sinister and implacable force, that threatens to destroy the race.To summarize, the homeopathic treatment of cancer con sists, first, in the selection of some specific remedy found in the Hahnemannian group that includes all three of the miasts in their symptomatology, together with the group specially related to trauma in its numerous forms; second, in the removal of any and all irritations that may act as exciting or activating causes third, in the homeopathic selection of the proper diet, avoiding foods that irritate the patient and giving those that agree with and nourish him, such foods to be based on the needs of each patient rather than for a diseased condition; and last, the buoying


up of the patients’ moral and mental status, appealing to his in telligent cooperation in all things, inspiring courage by explaining the certain but orderly processes by which disease comes under broken law, and goes under restored law, the latter brought about with the homeopathic specific and the intelligent effort of the pa tient to live in harmony with all the lawful processes of nature. Armed with these forces and the knowledge that we work in uni son with the resistless throb of universal order inspires us to face with confidence this baffling medical problem agitating the world today.CHICAGO, ILL.DISCUSSION.DB. A. PULFORD: Dr. Grimmer, in his masterful manner, has given us the superiority of homeopathy in the curative side of cancer. May I relate a case and give the superiority of homeopathy in euthanasia.We had a case of moribund cancer, abdominal sarcoma, said to be, turned over to us, and I turned it over to Dr. Dayton Pulford. He carried that case on with homeopathy to the last three days when the remedy would not work any more. Then he turned to Tarantula cubensis, and the son-in-law told me that the patient died the most peaceful and painless death of anyone he had ever seen. I bring this up in contradistinction to those who use narcotics. DR. D. COLEMAN: There is one point I would like to call attention to forfear that someone might try this remedy and not succeed and that is that we can’t potentize an X-ray. An X-ray is a vibration. You can’t potentize X-ray any more than you can the gas light. DR. BENTHACK: I can absolutely corroborate everything Dr. Grimmer has said. I have used the same remedies and have cured more than a dozen casesof cancer in my town. With regard to X-ray and radium, both of them aremisused, but Radium in the 30th potency has always served me very wellthere. DR. A. H. GRIMMER: I wish to thank the members for their cooperation and encouragement and to answer Dr. Coleman’s statement that X-ray cannot be potentized. A great many of us have been using what is purported to be po tentized X-ray and with some astonishing results. Whether that simply im parts its force to the sugar of milk in its, we might say, crude or primitive form, or whether there is a potentized effect going on, I do not say but I do know that very high potencies of Finke and others have produced tremendous therapeutic effects.So strongly is my own faith anchored upon the bed rock of pure homoeopathy that any deliberate, heedless or wilful apos tasy by those who pretend to be its exponents, seems to me little less than sacrilegious, and fills my soul with unspeakable indigna tion.-A. R. MORGAN, M. D., 1895.

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