A study and application of gelsemium

Let’s study one of the most important Polychrest medicines from vegetable kingdom which belongs to the same order of as Nux Vomica and Curare , a great paralyser like its botanical relatives having so distinct characteristics that always reminds us Dr. Hale , a great contributor. The photocopy from Dr. C.M.Boger ‘ s ” A Synoptic Key to the Materia Medica” is added like previous post.


CAUSATIONS ( predispositions ) :

Depressing emotions, Fright, anger, bad news, Ordeals, dread of death , effects of grief with brooding over it. Change of weather, exposure to sun, Heat, Damp weather, warm or cold., Thunderstorms, Alcohol although ameliorate unlike Bryonia, Nux. , Tobacco, Spring, Summer, Humid and foggy weather.

Key Characteristics

Hyperaethesia, – Excessive irritability of mind and body, Paralytic affections, muscle weak and will not obey the will, Complete relaxation and prostration of the whole muscular system, with entire motor paralysis, Dullness. Dizziness & Drowsiness, Thirstlessness, Trembling and weakness , Neuralgia; acute, sudden, shooting, tearing along the tracks of the nerves, Congestion, arterial or venous, with sluggish circulation. Functional paralysis of all descriptions .

“Gelsemium would be good for inflammation of any organ of the body when the mental symptoms are present, the delirium, the flushed face, the determination of blood to the head with the cold extremities, the great heaviness of the limbs, head, the disturbance of sensation& the paralysis of sphincter.” Dr.Kent It is a short acting Polychrest like Bryonia, Ipecac, Nux, China should be complemented by Carbo Veg, Sepia, Argentum Nit. , Psorinum etc. as per indication. Let’s perceive each and every case with the spirit of our Great Master in the process of Individualization both in acute and chronic cases to ensure better outcome in days ahead with advent of Monsoon which is superimposed by the frightening COVID – 19 . With greetings and best wishes.

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