CINCHONA – A gateway between crude drugging and dynamic dosing.

CINCHONA – A gateway between crude drugging and dynamic dosing.

N.O. RUBIACEAE ( Ipecac, Coffea ) Today we will take up study of Cinchona , a strong medicinal plant having multiple alkaloids ( Quinine, Quinidine, Cinchonine, Cinchonidine, Quinamine, Quinic acid, Cincho – tannic acid, Quinovic acid ) and abused by crude drugging in different forms by Modern Physicians till today which was introduced by our Great Master by monumental first dynamic human proving establishing Homoeopathy as a rational treatment of superiority in applications of medicines from different kingdoms( Vegetable, Mineral, Nosode, Sarcode, ) among all recognized systems of treatment.

I am sharing its photocopy from DR. C. M. Boger ‘ s Synoptic Key which must be studied along with other related medicines from different authentic books to strengthen our perception in logical applications in each and every situation where Dr. J. T.Kent, Dr. M.L.Tyler, Dr. H. C. Allen, Dr. Boger etc. must be studied for their masterly observation, applications & conclusion.

CHINA – C.M.Boger

China, a non – Anti Psoric, has much in common with Arsenic and Carbo Veg ( Carbo induces debility with torpor; Arsenic, debility , with excitation, ) China has debility with erethism from loss of fluids ( blood, sweat, urine, stool, semen ) , Anaemia, Haemorrhage, Ill effects of malarial influences, change of weather, Sudden acute diseases, after prolonged strain of overwork , mental or, bodily, Anger, Coryza, suppressed, Tea, Alcohol, Mercury. China is placed by Teste in the Ferrum group with Plumb., Phos., Carbo. An., Puls., Zinc., and others ” which have the property of remaking the altered blood or, increasing the relative amount of haematin, globulin, fibrin primarily in a healthy person but after a certain time – produce opposite results; – impoverishment, discoloration, and liquefaction of the blood ( Diseased state ) ; short lasting , sanguinous congestion ( primary effect ) and later discoloration of tissues; fullness of veins; torpor of all functions; dryness of mucous membranes, mucous or purulent discharges; engorgement of the glands which are connected with the circulatory apparatus, as spleen & liver; passive haemorrhages; inertia of involuntary muscles ( bowels, uterus ) ; oedema, atonic ulcers, finally more, or less obstinate nervous disorders, from derangement of Sympathetic rather than Cerebro – Spinal axis. ( Motor – Gelsemium, Nux, ).

We will try to perceive the catarrhal state of China along with emergency conditions where its judicious application in the beginning as well as during constitutional treatment , as a satellite can save a life & at the same time leads to a successful recovery. Our objective is to form a habit of case perceiving by comparative study, cross matching from general as well as Individual observations. ” As Cinchona – bark in its primary action is a powerful laxative & also it will increase the strength of the provers for a few hours then the patients sink down chiefly owing to weakness from loss of humours , from great loss of blood, great loss of milk in nursing women, loss of saliva, frequent seminal losses, profuse suppurations, ( profuse sweat ) and weakening by frequent purgatives, then for the cure of this peculiar weakness ( from loss of humours ), which has here become the disease, one or two doses as small as possible , together with appropriate treatment in other respects , by nourishing diet, open air, cheerful surroundings, & etc. are as efficacious to effect recovery as larger & repeated doses are to cause secondary and injurious effects. ” Dr. Samuel Hahnemann “

For many years I practiced among these cases , and I have seen numerous congestive chills and had no need for Quinine. I would rather have my Repertory and a few potencies than all the Quinine in the drug stores. The sugar pills cure safely, permanently and gently, while the Quinine never cures , but suppresses , and there is nothing in the after history of that patient drugged with Quinine and Arsenic but congestion and violence so long as he lives.” From Arnica chapter of Dr. Kent ‘ s Lecture On Homoeopathic Materia Medica.

Catarrhal States ; Old malarial conditions that have been suppressed with Quinine ; gradually increasing pallor, cachexia, until the patient is always catching cold, in a weak, debilitated, feeble, sensitive patient along with above mentioned causes. Dry coryza; or fluent coryza, suppressed and causing violent headache aggravated by touch, evening ameliorated by hard pressure with sensitiveness to the odors of flowers, cooking, tobacco. Dryness & frequent nosebleed , violent dry sneezing, nose hot, red. Tightness of the chest, with rattling, wheezing and a kind of suffocative attack , as if larynx were of mucus, especially towards evening , and at night on awaking from sleep with profuse sweat ; old age , Asthma , pleuritis, pulmonary Tuberculosis, Cough when excited by talking, laughing, or, eating & drinking. Expectoration slimy, whitish, purulent, offensive. Catarrhal condition of all mucous membranes ; Gastro – duodenal catarrh , ending in jaundice , loss of appetite , bitter taste, biliary calculi. Fever ; All types, Catarrhal, bilious, malarial, remittent, quotidian, tertian, septic, typhoid The paroxysm anticipates from two to three hours each attack; returns every seven or fourteen days ; never at night; sweat profusely all over on being covered, or during sleep. Marked stages chill, heat, sweat. With excessive physical irritability , aggravated by motion, tiredness, soreness of muscles ameliorated by changing position. It may be needed in passive haemorrhage from anywhere, acute rheumatism, neuralgia, toothache, biliary colic, asthma etc. when indicated.

It must be studied as a satellite, acute remedy or, intervention remedy of chain of deep acting medicines as follows – – – Carbo Veg , Phosphoric Acid, Sepia, Kali Carb, Tuberculinum, Calcarea Carb, Ferrum Met, Magnesia Carb, Psorinum , Nitric Acid. We must try to apply ourselves following the guidelines laid down by our Great Master as well as His brilliant successors to explore ourselves in each & every situation emphasizing analytical case synopsis, cross matching from medicines having similar symptoms complexes.

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