Tuberculinum – study and application in homoeopathy

Today we will take up the study of TUBERCULINUM , a most frequently used Nosode of immense value prepared from multiple sources ( aviary, bovine, human etc.)

if applied justifiably in proper time as an intercurent, in the beginning or. complementing medicine to a speedy recovery according to the law of similia although having no Hahnemannian proving records yet.

So that I am sharing photocopy from Dr. Boger ‘ s Synoptic Key as well as commentary section from Dr.O.A. Julian’ s ” TREATISE ON DYNAMISED MICRO IMMUNOTHERAPY ” for better applications considering various clinical tips in the page to explore ourselves. We must be grateful to Dr. H. C. Allen ( 1910 ), Dr. J. T. Kent ( 1958 & Bovine 1968 ) , Dr. C. Hering ( 1967 ) Dr. Swan, Dr. Burnett, Dr. Schmidt. P ( 1973 ) & Dr. Julian O.A. ( 1962, 1975 ) for their contributions about its key characteristics & clinical applications like Carcinocin. Our objective should be to rationalize our prescription not only depending on the above authentic sources but also on our ongoing observations keeping in mind our Great Master’s guidelines.

tuberculinum – C.M. Boger


History of T.B. in family members, mental excitement, intellectual overwork, changing weather, damp, warm damp , cold draughts , during storm, fear of animals .


It is too important to perceive Catarrhal state in each & every case considering the history, justified etiology, present totality for correct prescription according to the stages which tends to a beginning of a serious disease affecting one after another organ depending on the peculiar diathesis ( predispositions, disposition, miasmatic background ) which may further deteriorate by present mode of suppressive treatment . Fluent coryza, seemed to have fresh cold all the time without knowing how or, where from, sneezing, burning, watery, recurrent from above causes. Then thick , tenacious, yellow, green, some time bloody mucus with frontal headache. Epistaxis, soreness inside nose, suppurating , form scabs – a tubercular cold. Throat : aching in pharynx & larynx , dryness in throat, post. nares with a dry tickling cough aggravated at night. Tonsilitis with constriction in throat, general inflammatory condition of pharyngeal mucous membranes, in larynx, high red color. Hyperemia of cords , long lasting cough and hoarse voice with weakness, night sweats. Chest : Cough dry, hard, deep, shaking patient with dyspnoea , is obliged to take deep inspiration aggravated at night from wetting, change of weather Asthma, Pneumonia after Influenza with pain in chest and back aggravated at every movement with fever, night sweats, restless, terribly irritable, depressed with general fatigue aggravated motion. Leucocytosis : various infiltrations of white blood corpuscles over affected parts, acts principally by very acute irritation of internal organs causing intense redness & great swelling. Feeling well, but decidedly losing weight.


Anxiety, gloomy., melancholy humor aggravated at evening, mental exertions. Dissatisfied: always wants a change, cosmopolitan ( Calcarea phos ) , to travel, to find new doctor, occupation. I’ll – mannered, fits of violent temper aggravated on awakening. Dejected, taciturn, sulky . Insanity, acute or, chronic with a family history of TUBERCULAR affections, aversion to mental work, forgetful aggravated by music.


The symptoms are constantly changing, periodic, affecting one organ after another , begin suddenly, ceasing suddenly, or, of obscure nature and well selected remedy fail to improve, capricious appetite. Takes cold easily, Emaciation rapid & pronounced, losing flesh while eating well. Relapsing states, always tired aggravated motion. Scrofula, adenoid, epilepsy, Tubercular taint. Bruised pain throughout the whole body with bone pain. Craves cold milk or sweats, salts. Aversion to meat, to all foods with all gone hungry feeling which drives one to eat.


Viral, Bacterial, parasitical, Eruptive – ( chicken pox, rubeola, scarlet ), chronic malaria. Acute and chronic, Relapsing, Influenza, T.B. lymph adenitis , Fever, face red or, violet with alternate heat and cold and great loquacious, sensation of cold in the chest, in the stomach with fornication. Chill : Afternoon accompanied by shivering, broken down conditions, heat & sweat, sweat easy cold, clammy on upper parts aggravated by coughing staining yellow. Wants cover in all stages with ( occasional hot sweat and need uncovering ) Arythmia , weak pulse, discrete, frequent, irregular, RELATION : Acute : Bell, Dulcamara, Mercury, China, Phosphorus, Arsenic, Arsenic Iod, Chronic : Calcarea Carb, Kali – S , Psorinum, Sulphur, Pulsatilla, Natrum Sulph. Sepia. Syphilinum , Natrum Mur, Phosphoric acid, Hydrastis Can. Magnesia Carb.

PROSPECT : It is quite optimistic if we apply ourselves in forming a habit of case study, analysis and processing for cross matching from a group of medicines of similar symptoms complex. I would prefer to choose from the Polychrest medicines both in Acute and chronic cases . To me Dr. Kent’ s Tub. Bov. is more beneficial than others as it is well documented in His lecture , clinically tested. Bacillinum is also useful where skin diseases are prominent but chances of adverse results as it is prepared from human. As a Prophylactic : Dr. Kent recommended infrequent doses in high potency 1 M, 10 M, 50 M to be administered to children having an justified analogy of not only Family history but also essence matching to avoid Isopathic medicines having no strong pathology to correct the tubercular diathesis where it may prevent other viral diseases having same characteristics said by Dr. P. Schmidt ( A wider area of Academic interest to be explored further from Dr. Julian ) .

I will conclude today with promising to present some remarkable cases of past and present Stalwarts soon.

Long live Hahnemann ! Dr.Nirmal Kumar Maity

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