PULSATILLA & COVID – 19 a modern approach

Today we will take up the study of Pulsatilla & sharing photocopy from Dr. Boger ‘ s Synoptic Key and a page from Dr. Kent’ s lecture to enhance our skills and Homoeopathic eyes in perception of cases in Acute conditions as well as in Chronic diseases where It is a well known Polychrest of frequent uses but abused time to time like Sulphur which need to be corrected by proper Antidotes ( Chamomilla, Coffea, Ignatia, Nux Vom ).

Its extensive action on mucous membranes, eyes, ears, nose and respiratory tract, mouth & digestive tract, testicles, spermatic chords & urinary apparatus, the female sexual organs, the veins of the lower extremities & joints, one sided complaints and above all on the mind & disposition .

A weather cock remedy having changing, shifting symptoms like Tuberculinum from emotional, climatic exposures, suppressions , life styles ( pork, fats, ice cream) , abuse of Iron, Quinine, modern medicine etc.) not only indicated for women but also for Males and Children.

It has strong resemblance with COVID -19 in mode and nature of attacking mucous membranes, dryness, slow onset with violent peak up , changing in behavior and character of symptoms, easy clotting of blood in a systematic disease which must be included in our effective medicines for both preventive and curative approach like before.


It is already displayed along with modalities in the photocopy of the first page so that I like to add others for better applications. Fright, After slight emotions, mortification or, excessive joy, suppressed menses , After effects of blows, falls or, contusions, hair cutting ( Bell, Kali Iod ), Suppressed gonorrhoea.


MENTAL: Restless and changeable; easily moved to tears or, laughter. Mild, bashful, gentle, submissive, with weeping disposition while telling seeking consolation which ameliorate. Affectionate, fretful , taciturn . Religious melancholy, mania from suppressed menses , Fear to be alone, of dark, of ghosts in the evening. Morbid dread of opposite sex. Tremulous anguish; as if death were near; aggravated by rest, while sitting and lying ; ameliorated by motion in open air.


Changing and contradictory symptoms with Alternations & metastasis. Mucous discharges are profuse, bland, thick, yellowish – green except leucorrhoea Hot patient with chilliness during pain & acute upsets in a close room but always feels better in cool open air. Great dryness of the mouth without thirst with tongue thickly coated white or, yellow with loss of taste aggravated evening . Desire cold food and drinks, tight clothing , slow motion . Haemorrhages ; blood dark, easily coagulating , With varicose veins , inflamed, bluish, burning ameliorated by cold wet applications. Erethitic chlorosis after large doses of Iron with malassimilation. one sided irritability, with congestion to single parts. CATARRHAL STATE – RHEUMATIC – MENTAL – GYNECOLOGICAL STATE. We will elaborate the Catarrhal state only as it is a medicine of wider applications. Our objective should be to rationalize our search for an effective group of medicines for the present Flue like illnesses judging the key characteristics in mode and nature of deranging our health both generally & individually .

Primary Action – Alternating Action – Secondary Action .

We should emphasize the importance of primary action of a drug while proving as well as in case perceiving with some alternating state in choice of remedy correctly. ” The management of hay fever requires considerable study because you have to deal with troublesome imagination of the patients , refusing to detail other than present suffering where the hay fever will hardly ever reveal the indications for a remedy for the patient. You will find these symptoms by getting the state of the patient before he was taken with hay fever. These primitive symptoms are of more important. ” Dr. J. T. Kent in Pulsatilla chapter of His masterly ” LECTURES ON HOMOEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA. CORYZA ; It is best indicated in 2 nd stage of Catarrhal state when the discharge thicken or, suppressed by paracetamol, anti – histamine, antibiotics which tends to early complications depending upon the miasmatic background. Coryza dry and fluent alternately with constant chilliness intermingled with heat and loss of smell & taste, dry in evening, fluent in morning , ( may be thick, yellow, green later on with offensive ), patient feels well in open air but attacked with violent catarrh as soon as entering close room and in evening. Nose bleed of dark blood , coagulated early from suppressed menses with ulceration wings with loss of thirst & appetite. It leads to sinusitis, ozaena , conjunctivitis , otitis, parotitis which metastasis to mammae or, testes. Sore throat with dryness aggravated morning, catarrh of throat with marked redness of tonsils ; fauces dark red or, purplish aggravated swallowing saliva, warm drinks, evening with dryness.= Catarrhal – rheumatic pharyngitis . Asthma ; of children from suppression of rash, or with suppressed menses , in evening, specially after a meal; at night, ameliorated by sitting up, open air. Cough, dry, loose, acute, chronic, of different origins as per lesion in all the stages. Expectoration of copious yellow mucus, greenish, bitter, salty, bloody, offensive. ( Broncho – pneumonia, pneumonia, P.T.B.) FEVER ; Type: Every type, viral ( exanthematous ) , Bilious, remittent, continued, Irregular type; irregular stages; long chill, little heat, no thirst, Chill; evening, 4 P.M., cold all over, one sided. Heat ; of single parts, body hot, limbs cold; thirst for small & often ameliorated by uncovering. Sweat ; one sided; of single parts; with loquacity during sleep. No two paroxysms alike, ever changing symptoms, relapsing from slight errors in diet, abuse of Quinine.


Homoeopathy deserve to take up the challenge by our dedication, determination and applications depending on our own observation as well as of our Stalwarts in the field. I like to conclude with a quote of Dr.Stuart Close ,” It is the duty of every physician to avail himself of all the resources of hygiene, sanitation and surgery, but it is also his duty to put prejudice aside and the claims of a method of medication which can show such markedly superior results as does Homoeopathy. Homoeopathy alone, of all therapeutic methods, can legitimately claim to effect true cures by medication, as distinguished from recoveries ; and this it claims , first, because it is based upon a definite general principle or, law of nature ; second, because it is able to successfully apply that principle to individual case; and third, it does actually restore the sick to health , quickly safely, gentle and permanently , upon easily comprehensible principles.”.

pulsatilla comparison
Pulsatilla comparison

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