STUDY AND APPLICATIONS OF MERCURY IN DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. Respected Friends,Colleague and Seniors, We are committed to apply ourselves in every situation asked for our help in a more logical, scientific and effective prescription from our vast treasure of well proved medicines shown in many authentic books where preliminary study of synoptic key by Dr. C. M. Boger displayed below may be a source of guidance for further study,cross matching, analytical applications in our day to day practices.




Mercury is a well proved medicine having different forms & applications according to the case synopsis.

It is a deep Antisyphillitic, mild Anti Psoric and Antisycotic used frequently in acute diseases as well as in chronic Diseases specially of SYPHILITIC origin in all the stages.

Aching, especially in the bones aggravated at night just after getting warm in bed with profuse secretions, especially sweat which aggravate. Salivation with flabby moist indented tongue ,profuse thirst,breath fetid aggravated at night, Extremely sensitive to extremes of heat and cold. Foul odors of body, creeping chilliness , weak, trembling and tremors. Hasty, impulsive, acute mania, suspicious, desire to kill the person who contradicts. Tendency to ulceration and suppuration , aggravation by heat, lying on right side, sweets.

Causations ; Taking cold from changing, cloudy or cold damp weather, drafts to head, heat and cold, Fright, Suppressed gonorrhea, Suppressed foot sweat, working in a glare of fire causing inflammation of retina. Stings of insects, It affects every part of our body where comparative study with other related drugs are essential for judicious use.

Allies :Iodium, Nitric Acid, Hepar, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Platina, Aurum, Phosphorus.

We will try to perceive the Catarrhal state of Mercury where inflammation of mouth, throat, nose, eyes and ears & large intestinal mucous membranes are affected from the same exciting causes mentioned above. Coryza ; acrid; purulent,; every Autumn, thick greenish yellow with cough in double bouts aggravated at night, lying on right side with profuse offensive saliva & thirst . Catarrhal fever with profuse sweat not relieving with feeling of heat and cold. Aggravation from motion. It ascend upwards & affect sinuses causing epistaxis when coughing, at night during sleep; hangs in a dark slotted strings from the nose like an icicle. Ozaena with fetid breath with conjunctivitis and photophobia , blepharitis,with copious acrid tears. Sometimes it descends below and settle at lungs affecting lower lobe of right lung ( Chelidonium, Kali Carb ) aggravated lying on right side with motion of alae nasi . It affects external auditory passages and middle ear causing earache with discharges of thick, yellow, offensive . Tubal catarrh with deafness.

Summary : Chief Trends: Skin, mucous membranes. Especially mouth and large intestine, then urinary passages. Increase and alteration of all secretions. Lymphatic system; impending suppurationn. Joint surfaces and periosteum .

Nervous system ( erethism ,chronic action ) Today I am concluding with the strategy of finishing in next part with comparative study, case presentation & further evaluation in our day to day practices.

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